Bust Your Stress! Go for a walk on the beach!

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Let’s take the last stress (Go for a walk with someone special) buster post and go a little deeper.

Beth and I have been married since 1990. For most of those years we have taken an extended family vacation to the beach near Charleston South Carolina (sometimes Isle of Palms, sometimes Kiawah Island, sometimes Seabrook Island).  

One week every summer. We have toured the city, eaten at some fantastic restaurants, toured historical sites, shopped, gone to minor league baseball games and much much more.

But if you asked Beth or me what our favorite moment on the vacations are, we would tell you “Our walks on the beach”. Every day we get to the beach, walk barefoot on the sand and put our feet in the ocean. I pick up shell fragments (Isle of Palms doesn’t seem to have a ton of complete shells). We walk and talk. We listen to the waves. We feel the breeze. 

That last one is important because it can get really hot in Charleston in the summer. But with very few exceptions, a morning or evening walk on the beach features a nice breeze that keeps things pleasant.

The sights, sounds and smells of the beach, combined with walking with someone special make this the ultimate stress busting exercise.

I doesn’t have to be the beach. (Good thing – because we are not at the beach for most of the year). We walk in the woods occasionally. And we walk on the bank of our family’s creek. But the beach is our happy place. It’s a chance where we can spend a little quality time together, enjoying nature and each other’s company. 

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