Achieve Your BOHAGs – one LOHAM at a time

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I’ve always tied my shoes the same way: Cross one leg over the other knee, tie the shoe. Switch legs and repeat.

I did it that way up till November 9. Then I had hip replacement surgery.

From that point until January 17 I had a milestone: One day I would tie my shoes the “normal” way – normal for me anyway.

The milestone was part of my overall BOHAG (Big Ol Hairy Audacious Goal – or something close to that) of full recovery from hip surgery.

It took a while – at first my wife had to tie both shoes. Then she tied the left and I did the right. Then I did the right the “normal” way but had to bend over to tie the left one.

Today, after many many hours of therapy I crossed my left leg over my right knee and tied my shoes the old way. A silly milestone to be sure – but one more step on the way to full recovery.

(Next up: Complete an online hip yoga class… then 10,000 steps on back to back days… then leg press 50 lbs 30 times… and so on).

If you want to hit a BOHAG (Big Ol Hairy Audacious Goal… or something close to that) come up with a bunch of LOHAMs (Little Ol Hairy Audacious Milestones) to celebrate along the way.

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